iGenius Education Limited

iGenius Education Limited (iGenius) is a privately owned education centre which is operated in Hong Kong. 
Formerly an English language centre, iGenius was founded in 2009 and later renamed to be the brand name of “iGenius Education Centre". Until September 2018, Mr. Patrick LOO, who was a well experienced human resources practitioner and is currently a part-time lecturer of one of the universities in Hong Kong, took over the operation of iGenius. With rich English-teaching experience, Mr. Danny, the founder of the iGenius Education Centre, continues to work partnership with iGenius Education Limited as Principal English Tutor.


Provides the following six core services
  1. Foreign language tutoring and translation services, including English, Putonghua, Spanish, French, Thai and other languages ​​of different countries;
  2. Specialized subject tutoring for primary and secondary schools;
  3. Primary school homework tutoring;
  4. Interest classes for children;
  5. Adult fitness classes (including Yoga, Dancing, Stretching etc.);
  6. Venue leasing (long and short leases) .

Language courses in different countries, including English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Thai, etc.

Provide tutoring in various categories, including primary homework classes, Chinese and English classes, DSE , exam preparation classes, English writing, English oral classes, etc.

Adult/child interest classes are available, such as yoga, dance, and visual arts.

There are different types of rooms available for rent, including multi-purpose rooms, teaching rooms and more.



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